Montauk Fishing

Montauk has been labeled as the Sportfishing Capital of the World. It is located at the eastern tip of Long Island which is only a couple of hours away from New York City. Baits and nutrients are brought to Montauk by the waters of Long Island Sound which in turn attracts great schools of Striped Bass, Tuna and Fluke.

Montauk fishing has increased in popularity because of the different types of fishing it offers for all sorts of people.

  • Family Vacation Sportfishing - The calmness of Montauk’s local waters is best for families and for the people who want to bond together through the most rewarding fishing excursions. We can find the best spot that will allow you to enjoy, relax, and make the most of your time in a less demanding environment to create an experience that you will never forget.
  • Corporate Fishing - We will take your team on board the Blue Fin IV towards the deep currents of the sea. Sportfishing fosters camaraderie and for sure, as you hook the prized catch and take the best pictures of your team in action, you will be able to create the best offshore fishing experience that will surely bond you together even more.

Get the best of what Montauk fishing has to offer. Blue Fin IV with its great captain, Michael Potts, will help you achieve the most memorable and safest sportfishing experience ever!

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