Cruising with Dolphins in Montauk



From the early 90's, some NY Jet Coaches & Players.

In the picture from left to right are:

*Bill Pickel, NY Jet DL. *Scott Merserau, NY Jet DL. Joe Smith, HSBC. Mark Maier, RMJ. *Pat Kirwan, NY Jet Coach. *Pete Carroll, NY Jet Coach. Charlie Comiskey, Morgan Stanley. *Ed Donatell, NY Jet Coach.

Clive Cooke, RMJ. *Bruce Coslet, NY Jet Coach. Nick Corcoran, Kidder Peabody.



NY State Record Bluefish caught on BlueFin IV



Huge Blackfish caught on Blue Fin IV



13 year old w/ his yellowfin caught while fishing in
Montauk on the Blue Fin IV.



Hooked-up all around the boat fishing for Cod in Montauk.




Family shot. Fishing Montauk to catch big striped
bass is one of our specialties



9s,  10s, 11s and maybe bigger !Pass it on to your fishy friends!

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