Practical Tips for Striped Bass Fishing

Striped bass fishing is one of the most popular options for the sportfishing enthusiasts mainly because of its abundance, availability, and close proximity to the shore that made it a great catch for all sorts of people. And of course, you cannot easily argue about the idea that it is one of the fishes that can easily boast of beauty right at first glance.

However, since the striped bass is very much elusive in nature, it will really make a difference if you’ll know the most fundamental tips when engaging in striped bass fishing.

  • Be careful with the bait. Striped bass fishes are very conscious about the scent of people and for sure, they will ignore your bait if they can sense your presence. It will also be ideal if you will use fresh bait because this is the best way to get the elusive fish to bite.
  • Remember that the fish will most likely be in the places where there are disturbances like rocks and it is also important to keep in mind that the striped bass frequent the shallow water.
  • Use light sparingly. Fishing often produce the best results at night time because it makes it harder for the striped bass to detect fishing line and hooks, another factor to be aware of is striped bass are regarded as nocturnal fishes and your chances will surely increase if you will choose to do fishing during the night.
  • Be aware of the season when striped bass will be most abundant. Striped bass fishing is known to stay in the Montauk waters during the months of May up to December. Spring and fall are commonly the best times to spot and catch striped bass.
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